Our lab meetings are in Health Sciences 305 on Thursdays from 3-5pm. The tentative list of presenters for spring 2013 is:

14 Feb. John: Ellers at al., 2012. Ecological interactions drive evolutionary loss of traits. Ecology Letters 15: 1071-1082.

21 Feb. Dan: Clark et al., 2013. Evolutionary Rate Covariation in Meiotic Proteins Results from Fluctuating Evolutionary Pressure in Yeasts and Mammals. Genetics 193: 529-538.

28 Feb. Canceled becasue John's an idiot.

7 Mar. JT: Fares et al., 2013. The Roles of Whole-Genome and Small-Scale Duplications in the Functional Specialization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genes. PLOS Genetics 9: e1003176.

14 Mar. Amanda: Russell et al. 2013. Uncovering symbiont-driven genetic diversity across North American pea aphids. Molecular Ecology doi: 10.1111/mec.12211 and Marx. 2013. Can You Sequence Ecology? Metagenomics of Adaptive Diversification. PLoS Biol 11: e1001487.

21 Mar. Caitlin: Schönknecht et al. 2013. Gene Transfer from Bacteria and Archaea Facilitated Evolution of an Extremophilic Eukaryote. Science 339: 1207-1210.

28 Mar. Kelly: Axelsson et al. 2013. The genomic signature of dog domestication reveals adaptation to a starch-rich diet. Nature 495: 360-365.

4 April. No meeting, Spring break

11 April. Emiko
18 April. No meeting, John's gone
25 April. Scott
2 May. John
9 May. Dan